Old Farm House Restoration

Restoration on Farmhouse      Construction began on the old farm house in January, 2013.  This has been a full restoration project from the roof to the foundation. Walls were torn down, floors were pulled up, windows were replaced, and surprises have been found around every corner. When the wall was pulled down from the wood stove, we discovered a double-sided fireplace made of stone. Within some of the walls were various items, such as two horse-wagon license plates from the 1920′s, silver spoons, teacup and saucer, and a Prince Albert in a can.stuff from old farmhouse


Although much of the original wall and floor material had to be discarded, Mike and Lisha reused the original windows and doors for various projects. Many of the doors and hardware, as well as old light fixtures, have been restored and placed back into the house. Other doors and windows were used to build furniture for within the house, such as a kitchen island and coffee tables.


old chimney    In their travels around the region, Mike and Lisha have found many diamonds in the rough; antique furniture that have faded and been discarded into piles within antique stores.  Their skillful hands have brought numerous pieces back to their glory, bringing beauty and life to that which has previously been tossed aside and forgotten.

construct-update 02

The restoration project is nearing its completion. Beautiful hardwood floors have been installed, new windows have been trimmed out, and walls have been painted. The kitchen cabinets and countertops will be installed this week and the bathrooms should be finished as well.  The whole project should be completed by mid-May, with the next retreat occurring shortly thereafter. Life stays very busy at the farm.

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One comment on “Old Farm House Restoration
  1. Cindy Ray says:

    We are looking at an old farmhouse to buy and restore. I love reading about others who have done the same. I love your story and would love to see more pictures. It is a huge commitment but one that is so rewarding in the end. These wonderful old places need to be saved. I am looking forward to getting ours. we are still working out details. Thanks fro sharing. Cindy

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